Basaliome-Gorlin Goltz e.V.

Unser Selbsthilfeverein bietet eine Plattform für Betroffene des Gorlin-Goltz-Syndroms und des Basalzellkarzinoms (Basaliom).


Our Selfhelpgroup Organization Basaliome-Gorlin Goltz e.V. was founded in September 2010 by a group of 7 effected and their family members. Entrance into the Organization register took place on February 15, 2011.

Since then our members have steadily increased. Our members consist of effected and their family members. The main focus of our Organization is to inform effected and their relatives. On one hand we inform effected about G-G-S and on the other hand about Basal Cell Carcinoma. Often both medical conditions appear together. In the frame of our Selfhelpgroup of our Organization we offer a forum to the effected. This is where you may receive information and may also communicate with other effected. We offer to participate in meetings. There are several Specialists from different Clinics to answer any medical questions. Our Organization considers our members family as we do not want to leave anyone behind with this disorder.

It is important to us that you do not feel as an outsider, but part of a whole.

Because, often, after an effected person has just been diagnosed, he or she may feel left alone and withdraws from the public out of fear from the reaction to the disorder by others.

Another main function is Public Awareness. These include presentations at Clinics and Doctor's offices as well as visits to special events.Members also participate in quality assurance in clinics to make aware of the effected insights and opinions.

Our Organization does not fall under any other Association, but finances itself through donations and membership fees.